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InviteMember has powerful teamwork capabilities that will help you accelerate your membership business growth.

You can add team members whenever you want — from day 0 or later when you feel like you need some help to scale. To manage your team, open your project in @InviteMemberBot, then click:

Edit project > Manage team

For a new team member, you can either choose a pre-configured role (like Access Code Manager or Administrator) or build your own role using the granular permissions as the building blocks.

Available Roles

Here're the pre-configured roles that you can use:



Included permissions

Access Code Manager

Can create and rollback access codes only.

  • Manage Access Codes

Affiliate Program Manager

Can change affiliate program settings and do payouts but doesn't have access to user data and other project settings.

  • Manage Affiliate Program


Can change almost everything, but doesn't have access to payment options and user data.

  • Edit Project

  • Manage Resources

  • Manage Subscription Plans

  • Manage Bot Commands

  • Manage Access Codes

  • Manage Affiliate Program


Like Manager but with access to payment options, user data, and banning/whitelisting.

All from Manager, plus:

  • Manage Payment Options

  • User Status By ID

  • User Data

  • Affiliate Program Data

  • Ban Users

  • Unban Users

  • Whitelist Users

  • Unwhitelist Users

You can see the permission details below.

Available Permissions

We've built a flexible permissions model that allows you to create highly customized roles. Some of these permissions include others automatically.

Here's the permissions list that you can assign to your teammates (note that some permissions include some other ones automatically):



Included permissions

Edit Project

Can edit the project's name & description.

Transfer Project

Can transfer the project's ownership.

Delete Project

Can delete the project.

Add Resources

Can add new resources to the project (connect channels & groups).

Edit Resources

Can edit resources' names & descriptions.

Delete Resources

Can delete resources.

Manage Resources

Full access to managing resources.

  • Add Resources

  • Edit Resources

  • Delete Resources

Create Subscription Plans

Can create new subscription plans.

Edit Subscription Plans

Can edit plans' names, descriptions & other settings (enabling/disabling plans as well).

Delete Subscription Plans

Can delete subscription plans.

Manage Subscription Plans

Full access to managing subscription plans.

  • Add Subscription Plans

  • Edit Subscription Plans

  • Delete Subscription Plans

Manage Payment Providers

Full access to managing automated payment options (all except access codes): connect, disconnect, change settings, etc.

New Access Codes

Can generate new access codes.

Rollback Access Codes

Can roll back access codes (that might revoke some members' access).

Manage Access Codes

Full access to managing access codes.

  • New Access Codes

  • Rollback Access Codes


Can send broadcasts.

Change Bot Language

Can change the bot's language.

Manage Bot Commands

Full access to managing custom bot commands: create, edit, delete, and refresh.

Change Bot Token

Can change the Telegram bot token.

User Status By ID

Can access individual user data by user ID with /check command.

User Data

Can access all users' data: list users & clients, export data in CSV format.

Edit Affiliate Program Description

Can edit affiliate program description.

Edit Affiliate Program Settings

Can edit affiliate program settings like commission rate, minimum payout amount, commission, due period, etc.

Create Affiliate Program Payouts

Can create new payouts.

Cancel Affiliate Program Payouts

Can cancel payouts (created by mistake).

Execute Affiliate Program Payouts

Can download payout CSV files for CoinPayments and PayPal.

Affiliate Program Data

Can access affiliate program data (general & payout CSV reports).

Set Affiliates Manually

Set affiliates manually for existing users.

Manage Affiliate Program

Full access to managing the affiliate program (except reports).

  • Edit Affiliate Program Description

  • Edit Affiliate Program Settings

  • Create Affiliate Program Payouts

  • Cancel Affiliate Program Payouts

  • Execute Affiliate Program Payouts

  • Set Affiliates Manually

Ban Users

Can ban users.

Unban Users

Can unban users.

Whitelist Users

Can whitelist users.

Unwhitelist Users

Can unwhitelist users.

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What about a built-in support team?

You can add support agents too! Please check out this article for the details:

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