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How To Add a Subscription Plan
How To Add a Subscription Plan

How to create your first subscription plan for your membership bot

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A Subscription Plan defines what your customer will get, how much and how often will he pay.

As a sample to demonstrate the process, let's create a "Monthly" subscription plan for this project.

In your project menu in the @InviteMemberBot, select Subscription plans and then Add plan. The bot will ask you to enter a name for the plan. Send your desired plan name to the bot. You can pick something like Month, Standard, Premium — whatever you like:

Next step — choose the plan's period. You can pick any interval - from 1 day to an entire lifetime.

Now you can set what will your subscribers get as membership benefits. You'll see a list of resources you've added to your project - the ones with a green tick will be benefits for subscribers, while any red x's will be excluded:

The subscription plan is almost ready. The last step is entering the plan price. 

InviteMemberBot will ask you for the currency first, then for the amount:

If you want to configure your plan's advanced settings you can select it again after being created (Project menu > Subscription plans):

You can learn more about all of these advanced subscription plan settings in this article:


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