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Access Codes — Offline Payments, Gifts And Promotions
Access Codes — Offline Payments, Gifts And Promotions

A powerful alternative to automated payment integrations

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Access Codes can be used to activate a subscription plan in your membership bot without making a payment through an automated payment gateway.

Access Code Use Cases

  1. Offline payments. Accept a payment manually (p2p bank transfer/cash/whatever), then issue an access code and send it to the customer.

  2. Gifts. Grant access to someone for free by sending an access code.

  3. Promotions. Use access codes for limited special offers like "first 10 users that will activate a code will get 3 months for free" or "activate this code before X and get 1 month for free".

Access Code Features

  • a single code can give access to multiple channels and groups for a period from 1 day to the entire lifetime (just create a subscription plan with these settings);

  • you can limit the maximum number of code activations;

  • you can set the code expiration date (use a pre-defined period or enter a custom date);

  • one day before the end of the period, a renewal reminder will be sent;

  • you can bulk generate access codes, up to 500 at once (great for teamwork);

  • with access links, access codes can be activated in one click, no need to type or copy-paste them.

Creating Access Codes

There're two ways to create a new code in @InviteMemberBot:

  • Navigate to Payment options > Access Codes and click New Code.


  • Send the /newcode command and select a project.

The bot will guide you through the code creation steps:

  1. Plan selection (defines the channels & groups that will open after activation and the period of access to them).

  2. Maximum activations limit (use 1 for one user or more for multiple users).

  3. Optional expiration date.

  4. Single or bulk generation.

Single code generation

A single code will look like this:

The simplest way to share a code with your client is to forward that activation link to him.

Bulk generation

If you'll select bulk generation, the bot will send you a CSV file with generated access codes as well as their settings (expiration date, max activations limit, plan name).

You can open this CSV file in any spreadsheets editor like Excel/Numbers:

Access Code Activation (new, recommended way)

The best way to activate an access code is to click on the access code activation link like this one:

Your client just clicks the link, then START, and the code is activated automatically.

Access Code Activation (old, deprecated way)

Alternatively, your client can open your membership bot, select a plan and click Access Code:

Access Code Activation Confirmation

If the code was accepted, your client will get a confirmation with the Join buttons for your resources:

Access Code Activation Notification

And you, as the bot owner, will receive a notification:

Access Code Rollback (Cancellation)

In the Payment options > Access Codes menu there's Rollback a code button that allows you to delete all code activations and the code itself.

It's useful in case you issued a code by mistake or refunded a payment and now you need to remove all users who activated the code.

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