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How To Make A Broadcast
How To Make A Broadcast

Send mass or targeted broadcasts from your bot

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With the /broadcast (or simply /b) command in your membership bot, you can send mass messages to your bot users.

Here're the key features of broadcasts:

  • audience selection (from one user to all bot users);

  • rich-text formatting support;

  • media message types support (images, videos, files, voice messages, anything);

  • commands like /plans, /status, /affiliate will appear as clickable links automatically.

NB! You can only broadcast to users that have launched your membership bot. If someone stops (blocks) your bot, he will not receive your broadcast.

To get started, send /b to your membership bot:

Here are the audiences you can send your broadcasts to:

  • All users (all bot users who have ever launched your bot);

  • Leads (never made any payments);

  • Trialing (no-CC only) (started a no-CC free trial, no payments or recurring subscriptions yet);

  • Active customers (have active payments/recurring subscriptions, including with-CC trialing subscriptions);

  • Past customers (were customers in the past);

  • Custom (by user IDs) (you can provide your own users' list).

Select the right audience and the bot will ask you to send a message to broadcast:

Type your message, send and make sure it looks great in the preview mode:

Now you just need to confirm the broadcast with the Yes button and it will be sent as soon as possible (usually within a few minutes).

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