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How To Add a Telegram Channel
How To Add a Telegram Channel

How to add an existing channel to InviteMember for automated members management

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Either you're starting your first project or you want to add a new channel to an existing one. To do so, select Telegram Channel in the Add Resources menu (@InviteMemberBot > /myprojects > your project > Channels and groups > Add resource):

You'll see a short video and instructions about how to create a channel. When your channel is created, or if it was already done, hit Done:

You can check out our article about how to create a Telegram Channel:

Once you've created your channel, you'll have to add @InviteMemberBot to the channel. Go to the channel that you’ve just created, click/tap on the channel name, click/tap Administrators, and the Add Admin button.

In the Add Members window, type @InviteMemberBot and make sure to choose the correct @InviteMemberBot from the list.

After adding the bot, an Admin rights window will appear. @InviteMemberBot only requires one permission — Invite Subscribers (it can be named Add Subscribers or Invite Users via Link, too, depending on your Telegram version).

It's time to get back to the @InviteMemberBot chat and hit Done.

Now, forward a message (any message) from the channel to @InviteMemberBot. To do that, click the button with an arrow (or right-click a message and click Forward) and select @InviteMemberBot as the recipient.

Done! The channel was added successfully!


In some Telegram clients (iOS, for example) there is a known bug — you can't enable Add Users permission for the bot. The workaround is to enable this permission in another Telegram app. We recommend Telegram Desktop.

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