You can add custom commands to your bot.

Here're the key features:

  • you can set any reply message — text, images, videos, files, or even locations;

  • custom commands will appear as clickable links in your project description and broadcasts;

  • we'll set the commands list automatically in Telegram bot settings so you don't have to.

NB! Commands always start with / and can only contain English letters, digits, and underscore. For example, /plans, /status, /help.

To create a new custom command, just send /set_command to your bot:

As you can see, we're creating /support command for the bot.

The command will show our contact info.

Now let's set the command reply (could be a message of any type, we'll use text):

Note that you can use formatting, put links, even embed other commands!

The final step is setting a short description for the command. It will appear natively in Telegram interface.

That's it! The new /support command was added to the commands menu automatically:

And when you send it to the bot — our reply message will appear:

Custom Commands is a very powerful feature. What will you build with them?

To delete a command, use /delete_command.

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