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All possible ways to launch your membership bot

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In this article, you will learn how to use your membership bot links to:

Short link (Telegram-only)

In Telegram channels, groups, and chats you can use the bot username with @ in front:


Full link

A link to your bot that will work anywhere starts with

Command link

If you'd like a command to be executed right after launching the bot, you can pass it in the link after ?start (note that the / from the command must be replaced with a -):

(equal to /status command, shows subscription status)

(equal to /yogacat custom command, show yoga cat)

(equal to /affiliate, show affiliate program info)

If a command has the underscore (_) symbol, please replace it with a double underscore (__) in your link:

(equal to /aff_stats, show affiliate program stats)

Access code link

You can pass an access code in the link, then it will be activated automatically:

(where 8c186373fddd4d6cd94231387f21f2e6 — access code)

Subscription plan direct link

There's a unique link to each of your subscription plans (you can find them in plan settings):

Affiliate links

Your affiliates will have their own links to your bot:

(where 17 — affiliate ID)

They can also pass commands:


(execute /yogacat command but also attach the user to the affiliate with ID = 17)

And access codes:


(activate XXX access code and attach the user to the affiliate with ID = 17)

Bot admin command links (experts only)

All admin commands like /ban, /whitelist, /set_command, etc. can be passed in links too. You can use it in your web dashboards or any custom integrations.

For example, instead of typing /check 12345 to show a user's subscription status, you can use this direct link to do the same:

Or, instead of /ban 12345 confirm to ban the user, you can use this:

In general, if the original command was:


Then the link will be:

NB! All underscores in the command name must be replaced with double underscores.

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