With Access Codes you can accept payments in a semi-automated way or grant access to someone for free.

Here is how it works:

  1. Accept a payment manually (p2p bank transfer, cash, whatever).

  2. Generate an access code in InviteMemberBot and send it to your customer.

  3. Your customer will use this code in your membership bot to activate his subscription.

Membership management is still automated:

  1. One day before the end of the period, InviteMember will remind your customer to renew his subscription.

  2. At the end of the period, InviteMember will remove your customer if he won't renew.

Single-Use and Multi-Use Access Codes

You can create Access Codes of two types: single-use and multi-use. Here's the difference:

  • Single-use Access Code can only be used once. It expires automatically in 24 hours. Single-use codes are recommended for payments.  

  • Multi-use Access Code can be used multiple time by different users. Multi-use codes are recommended for gifts and promotions.

Enable Access Codes for your membership bot

To enable this payment method, open your project Payment options > Access Codes and click Enable

Create a new Access Code

To create a new access code, open @InviteMemberBot and send /newcode command (or /newcodemulti for multi-use access code). Select one of your subscription plans and new code will be created:

Access Code Activation (new, recommended way)

The best way to activate an access code is clicking access code activation link like this one:


The client just clicks the link, then START and the code will be activated automatically.

Access Code Activation (old, deprecated way)

Alternatively, your client can open your membership bot, select a plan and click Access Code:

If the access code is correct, access will be given:

And you will receive a notification:

Access Code Rollback (Cancellation)

In Payment options > Access Codes menu there's Rollback a code button that allows you to delete all code activations and the code itself.

It's useful in case you issued a code by mistake or refunded a payment and now you need to remove all users who activated the code.

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