InviteMember-Telegram integration leverages Telegram Bot API.

It includes:

  • providing a robust and reliable backend for your membership bot;
  • adding new members to your private channels and groups;
  • removing members when their subscription is over.

Your Membership Bot 

Telegram bots are small apps that live inside the Telegram ecosystem. 

Your membership bot is the main interface your clients will use to:

  • check out what plans you're offering;
  • make one-time payments;
  • start and stop recurring subscriptions;
  • activate access codes;
  • check their current subscription status at any time;
  • get access to channels and groups they paid for;
  • get renewal reminders;
  • get removal notifications;
  • receive your broadcasts;
  • communicate with you or your team through the built-in support system.

Luckily, you don't have to write any code for all these features, we already did it.

Only two actions are required from you:

  1. Register a new bot in Telegram;
  2. Connect your bot to the InviteMember platform.

After that, InviteMember will register itself as a backend for your membership bot and start making/answering requests.

Adding Members

We're using invite links for granting access to private channels and groups. Currently, it's the only method that is available for Telegram Bot developers.

Key facts about invite links

  • You and bots can create invite links for private Telegram channels and groups;
  • Other users can use your invite links to join your private channel or group;
  • Invite links look like this:;
  • Only one invite link for the channel/group can be valid at the moment;
  • You can find current invite link in your channel/group settings in your Telegram app;
  • An invite link can be used many times by different users until it's revoked;
  • You can revoke current invite link at any time, it will be replaced with a new one;
  • It's possible to change invite link via Telegram Bot API (that's how InviteMember does that).

Known limitations of invite links

Telegram Bot API was, probably, not designed with membership management in mind. 

There are some limitations that InviteMember has to deal with:

  • It's not possible to add a user to a channel without invite link;
  • it's not possible to create a single-use invite link;
  • It's not possible to create a personal invite link (that only one user can use);
  • Invite links are cached on Telegram servers and become unstable if you reset them too fast (try resetting a link 2-3 times in 10 seconds using your Telegram app — you'll understand what we mean).

How does InviteMember show invite links?

Since invite links must be kept secure and only customers should receive them, we:

  • always show invite links hidden behind inline buttons (your users will see a CLICK HERE button, not an actual link);
  • show invite links for 3 seconds only;
  • revoke links immediately after showing them (so invite link's lifetime interval is very short, and it's quite hard to share it with someone else).


"Sorry, this group doesn't seem to exist."
It means that the invite link to your channel/group is unstable at the moment. It usually happens after clicking Join several times in row OR if multiple users are trying to join at the same time.
Solution: ask the user to try again (usually, it won't take more than 10 clicks to get in). If it won't help — he should wait about one minute (let invite link become stable) and try again.

"Too many attempts, please try again later"
It means that the user has clicked on too many invalid invite links recently. Most likely, he had a lot of messages "Sorry, this group doesn't seem to exist" right before this one or joined too many channels/groups in a row.
Solution: ask the user to wait several hours (maybe, even a day) and try again. Power users can try checking the exact time to wait using

Removing members

To remove members, we simply call an API method that bans a user from your channel/group.

If you'll decide to grant access to a banned user manually — you have two options:

  • issue an access code and let him join through your membership bot;
  • manually unban him first and then send him an invite link.

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