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Telegram Integration Details
Telegram Integration Details

Everything you need to know about InviteMember-Telegram integration

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InviteMember-Telegram integration leverages Telegram Bot API.

It includes:

  • providing a robust and reliable backend for your membership bot;

  • adding new members to your private channels and groups;

  • removing members when their subscription is over.

Your Membership Bot 

Telegram bots are small apps that live inside the Telegram ecosystem. 

Your membership bot is the main interface your clients will use to:

  • check out what plans you're offering;

  • make one-time payments;

  • start and stop recurring subscriptions;

  • activate access codes;

  • check their current subscription status at any time;

  • get access to channels and groups they paid for;

  • get renewal reminders;

  • get removal notifications;

  • receive your broadcasts;

  • communicate with you or your team through the built-in support system.

Luckily, you don't have to write any code for all these features, we already did it.

Only two actions are required from you:

  1. Register a new bot in Telegram;

  2. Connect your bot to the InviteMember platform.

After that, InviteMember will register itself as a backend for your membership bot and start making/answering requests.

Adding Members

We're using invite links for granting access to private channels and groups.

InviteMember generates a single-use invite link for each of your customers and monitors these links in real time. It's not possible to use an invite link issued for someone else — in such cases, InviteMember will revoke the link and kick the unauthorized user immediately.

Removing members

In the following cases, InviteMember will check if a user has to be removed from your channels and groups:

  • a subscription (or a free trial) is over;

  • a recurring subscription has been canceled;

  • a user has joined your group;

  • InviteMember has run a check on its own (we may run such checks randomly).

InviteMember may check all your bot users, not only those who made any payments or started any subscriptions.

To remove members, we simply call an API method that bans the user from your channel/group.

Whitelisting members

If you'll decide to grant access to someone for free — you have three options:

  • issue an access code and let him join through your membership bot;

  • whitelist him and then send him an invite link manually;

  • make him an administrator of the channel/group (InviteMember doesn't kick administrators).

The bot will never kick whitelisted members and administrators from your channels and groups (even if they don't have active payments/subscriptions).

Blacklisting members

You can ban someone from using your bot completely. The bot will simply ignore all the messages from the banned user.

See instructions on How To Ban a User.

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