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Hosted Landing Pages
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InviteMember Pages allow subscription-based business owners to create a simple, clean, and easy-to-use web interface for their customers.

Each InviteMember subscription project gets a unique and customizable page. This makes it easy for users to choose and pay for a subscription plan on one simple, branded website.

What are Pages?

Pages are customizable external web interfaces linked to your subscription project on InviteMember. Each page has a unique address in the domain, such as

Pages let customers view and choose subscription plans and make payments using any method. This frictionless flow in your own appealing website can help you improve your conversion rates!

Setting Up Your Page

Follow these steps to set up and customize your Page:

1. Access Your Project Menu:

  • Open the @InviteMemberBot on Telegram.

  • Send the command /myprojects and select your project.

2. Open Your Page:

  • Click on the Page button to open your page in a web browser.

  • The first time you do this, you'll need to log in with your Telegram account and authorize the connection with the @InviteMemberPageBot in @Telegram chat.

3. Edit Your Page:

  • After logging in and viewing your page, click on the "Edit page" button to customize the following:

    • Page Header: Set a header for your page.

    • Display Picture: Choose a display picture for your project.

    • Unique Link: View your unique page link.

    • Tagline Descriptor and Icon: Add a tagline and an icon.

    • Project Name: Enter the name of your project.

    • Terms of Service: Add a link to your Terms of Service

    • Privacy Policy: Add a link to your privacy policy.

    • Support Contact: Add a contact for customer support.

4. Save Your Changes:

  • Once you're done editing, click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Note: For now, to edit your project description and subscription plans, you still need to go to your project menu in the @InviteMemberBot on Telegram, and select "Edit project".

How Do Pages Look Like for Customers?

Once you share your Page link with your customers, they can easily access a website to view and subscribe to your plans.

Pages work well on both mobile and desktop devices, giving all users a smooth experience.

These are the steps your customers will follow when using your Page:

  1. Open the Page: Customers open your Page link to go to the website.

  2. Accept Terms: Customers must accept the platform's and your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to proceed.

  3. Login with Telegram: They log in with their Telegram account by entering their phone number and confirming in the @Telegram chat.

  4. Choose and Pay for a Plan: After logging in and accepting the terms, they can select a subscription plan and pay for it.

  5. Receive Invite Links: After subscribing, customers will receive invite links to join, sent from your membership bot on Telegram.

Note: Your customers must start your membership bot, in order to get the links to join your groups and channels.

Premium Usernames

Soon, Premium usernames will be available to purchase as NFTs! Instead of having a random page address like, your Page could be something like:





Getting Premium usernames for your Pages will be similar to buying Premium Telegram usernames on Fragment.

To express interest in purchasing a Premium username for your Page, send a message to our support team through the @InviteMemberSupportBot on Telegram or email

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