It's easy to get started with InviteMember.

In this tutorial, we'll create a membership bot for a business called Daily Yoga Workouts (not a real project, just an example). 

If you want to skip the tutorial and check out the result, here you go: @YogaMemberBot.

Create Project

To begin, open @InviteMemberBot in Telegram. Click START.

The bot will send you a welcome message, and then you'll see Add project button. Click it.

Send your project name to the bot. That's what your clients will see when they open your bot.

That's it! 

Add Resources (Telegram Channels & Supergroups)

Create your members-only area

What will you members-only area look like? 

In Telegram, it can be a combination of private channels and supergroups. If you haven't created them yet, please follow these tutorials first:

How To Create a Telegram Channel
How To Create a Telegram Supergroup

Channels are great for content delivery (newsletters, signals, videos, podcasts, etc.) while supergroups are great for communities (mastermind groups, QA, support groups, etc.).

You can have multiple channels and groups managed by one membership bot!

Add your channels and groups in InviteMember

In the project menu, click Channels & groups, then Add resource and choose what would you like to add — a Telegram Channel or a Supergroup:

To add a Telegram Channel, you'll need to add @InviteMemberBot to channel admins and forward a message from the channel to the bot. 

Here is a detailed tutorial:
How To Add a Telegram Channel

To add a Telegram Supergroup to InviteMember, you'll need to add @InviteMemberBot to group admins and post a message to the group with a mention of @InviteMemberBot.

Here is a detailed tutorial:
How To Add a Telegram Supergroup

Please contact @InviteMemberSupportBot if you need any assistance.

Add a Subscription Plan

Subscription plan defines what your customer will get, how much and how often will he pay. 

In this tutorial we'll create a "Monthly" subscription plan for this project:
How To Add a Subscription Plan

Add a Payment Option

InviteMember supports two payment providers: Stripe and CoinPayments.

For new projects, we recommend Stripe Test. This payment method allows you to test how your bot works without a real credit/debit card. 

In this tutorial we'll connect Stripe in test mode:
How To Add Stripe (Test Mode)

Create Telegram Bot with BotFather

Why do you need this

Your membership bot will be a small application that lives inside the Telegram ecosystem. It will have a name, a username, a profile picture and will appear just like a real person in user's contact list.

To create this new application, you need to register a new bot with BotFather.

Register a new bot

Open @BotFather in Telegram and send /newbot command. Pick your bot name and username:

@BotFather will send you a unique string called bot token:

Keep this token in secret!

Customize your bot

If you wish to customize your bot (set profile picture, about and description), please follow this tutorial:
How To Create a Telegram Bot

My new bot doesn't reply

Your membership bot application is now registered in Telegram. But if you launch it — it will do nothing. Why? Because your newly created bot doesn't have a backend (server).

In the next section, you'll send this token to InviteMember. We'll use this token to register our server as your membership bot backend. It will allow us to receive updates and send messages to your bot users.

Connect Telegram Bot to InviteMember

Now we're ready to make your membership bot alive! Click Telegram bot, then Set Telegram bot. Copy and paste your bot token in the dialog:

InviteMember will check your token and will register itself as your Telegram Bot backend. If everything's okay, you should see something like this:

Check your membership bot

Now you can open your membership bot and click START

It should show your project name and buttons for your subscription plans:

Try clicking the button with subscription plan name. The bot will show you the benefits of this particular plan and let you subscribe with the payment methods you added:

For example, Click Credit/Debit Card (TEST MODE). The bot will generate an invoice and send you a button:

Click this button, and a payment webpage will show up:

We added Stripe Test for this bot, and now we can check the bot with a test card (4242 4242 4242 4242, expire: any, cvv: any):

After the payment, @YogaMemberBot will send you a confirmation message with buttons to join channels/groups you paid for:

At the same moment, the project owner will receive a notification:

Now it's time to build your bot! Please contact us at @InviteMemberSupportBot if you need any help.


I can't enable Add Users permission

In some Telegram clients (iOS, for example) there is a known bug — you can't enable Add Users permission for the bot. 

The workaround is to enable this permission in another Telegram app. We recommend Telegram Desktop.

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