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How To Check Your Membership Bot
How To Check Your Membership Bot

How to make sure that your membership bot created with InviteMember works fine

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Open your membership bot in Telegram and click START (or send the /start command if you've launched the bot earlier).

The bot should show you the project name and buttons for your subscription plans:

Try clicking the button with the subscription plan name. 

The bot will show you the benefits of this particular subscription plan and let you subscribe with the payment method you added in @InviteMemberBot:

Click Credit/Debit Card (TEST MODE)

The bot will generate an invoice and send you a button:

Click this button, and a payment webpage will show up:

If you enabled the Stripe Test payment option for this bot, you could make a test payment with a special test card (number: 4242 4242 4242 4242, expire: any, cvv: any):

After payment, the bot will send you a confirmation message with buttons to join the channels/groups you've paid for:

At the same moment, you, the bot owner, will also receive a notification of the subscription:

It works! Now you can enable live payments with any of our payment options.

Note: If you already configured PayPal (Test Mode) you can run a test payment to familiarize yourself with the process that your subscribers will go through when choosing PayPal as a method of payment.

To test PayPal you need to log in to your PayPal developer dashboard, check that the "sandbox" toggle is turned on, then click on "testing tools" from the top menu, and select "sandbox accounts."

You'll need to create a test account by clicking on the button on the top right corner that says "Create Account." Next, you'll need to select a country for the test account, and then click on the recently created account name that will show up on the menu. You'll see a login email and password that you must use to log in when testing the subscription process.

You can see the full list of our payment providers in this article:

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