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How to edit your existing subscription plans

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Once you've created a subscription plan, you can easily change its name, description, resources, trial period, and other advanced settings in the InviteMember bot's project menu.

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To edit a subscription plan, access your project menu in the @InviteMemberBot and select Subscription plans.

Here you'll find your subscription plans list. Next, select the plan you want to edit to access its settings menu.

In this menu you'll be able to:

  1. Edit the plan's name

  2. Edit the plan's description

  3. Remove or add resources (channels and groups)

  4. Disable or delete the plan

Editing resources

Before editing your subscription plan's groups and channels, these resources must be added to your project.

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Once you've added your groups and channels to the project, access Edit resources in your subscription plan menu to enable or disable them. To end hit the Done button!

Existing subscribers should send the status command or click the status button in your membership bot to get the new links for accessing your recently added resources.

Editing prices, currencies, and plan periods

Having different subscribers of the same plan paying different prices, or having different subscription lengths, would be confusing and could cause issues among your customers. To avoid this situation changing prices, currencies, or plan periods is not possible.

However, you can always create a new plan and disable the old one. And if you'd like existing subscribers to continue paying the old price, you can also set the Allow disabled plan renewals setting to ON. Doing this will allow existing subscribers to keep the old plan while keeping it hidden for newcomers.

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