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How To Check Your InviteMember Transaction Fees
How To Check Your InviteMember Transaction Fees

Learn to track and understand InviteMember transaction fees

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InviteMember will always show Transaction Fees values on your invoices, unless these fees have been collected automatically through Stripe Connect.

You can get your invoices at any time by sending /invoices to the @InviteMemberBot, or by sending /subscription and selecting Customer Portal.

If you want to understand our transaction fees better, you can look at your web dashboard or your project data CSV files.

Web Dashboard

Fees are displayed on the One-time payments and Recurring payments pages within your subscription project web dashboard.

You'll find the fee generated for each transaction, labeled as InviteMember Fee, under the Payment details pane of each payment page.

CSV Files

You can export your project data to get your payments, subscriptions, and users' information in CSV files.

You will find the transaction fee amount for each recurring and not recurring payment in the payments.csv and recurring-payments.csv files.

The FeeI (Fee Invoice) column will include all InviteMember transaction fees billed through our invoices. Fees billed through our invoices, will be shown in USD.

The FeeSC (Fee Stripe Connect) column will include all InviteMember transaction fees deducted through Stripe Connect. For these fees, the shown currency will be the same as the payment.

Stripe Connect Fees

When fees are processed via Stripe Connect, these are deducted automatically from each Stripe transaction.

Our transaction fees can only be taken through Stripe Connect in certain countries.

Please check the following article to see in which countries we can deduct our fees directly from each Stripe transaction: InviteMember Transaction Fees.

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