How To Ban SUCH Users

Remove unwanted users and spam from your support team chat.

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Support for your customers might be interrupted by troublesome users spamming your support team chat.

To prevent users from reaching your team through SUCH, or delete all of their previous notifications, you can use the following commands:

/ban - Ban sender
/unban - Unban sender
/delete_notifications - Delete sender's notifications

To use any of these commands, just go to your Support Team Group in Telegram and click/tap Reply to any of the unwanted user's messages, and send the command. Banned user's chats will also be removed from your Open, Snoozed, and Closed lists in SUCH.

These commands will only work in private support groups that are connected to SUCH. Using the /ban and /unban commands in your membership bot chat will ban or unban users from your InviteMember project completely.

You can learn more about InviteMember's ban feature in this article:

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