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Advanced Subscription Plan Settings
Advanced Subscription Plan Settings
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Pay with Access Code only

With this option, you can create subscription plans that don't have a price and can only be activated with an Access Code


Some payment integrations (Stripe and PayPal) support recurring subscriptions. With a recurring subscription, a customer is charged automatically each billing period. He can cancel at any time. 

With Recurring: ON InviteMember will try to create a recurring subscription if it's possible (for Stripe it will use Stripe Billing, for PayPal — PayPal Subscriptions). If payment integration doesn't support recurring billing, a single charge will be created.

With Recurring: OFF the bot will create a single charge even if payment integration supports recurring billing.


A single-use plan can only be purchased once. 

Please note that setting Single-use: ON makes Recurring: OFF automatically.


With Enabled: ON/OFF you can control plan visibility (on /start and /plans commands).

Set Allow disabled plan renewal to ON to keep disabled plan visible to existing subscribers.

Filter by subscription status

Only one of the following options can be enabled at the same time.

Newcomers only

This option makes a plan available to new customers only — those who're making their first payment ever. It's great for converting new users into active customers. 

Customers only

This option, instead, makes a plan available to all active & churned customers — those who've ever made any payments to you (excluding those on trials). It's great for upsells and upgrades of many kinds.

Churned only

Finally, this option makes a plan available to churned customers — those who don't have an active subscription or payments right now but had them in the past. Use this option to reactivate your "sleeping" customers.

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