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Canceling Recurring Subscriptions
Canceling Recurring Subscriptions

How subscribers and project owners can cancel active subscriptions.

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As you know, InviteMember allows you to create recurring subscription plans to be paid periodically and automatically. These subscriptions can be stopped in 3 different ways:

  • By your customers in your membership bot

  • By yourself in the @InviteMemberBot

  • By either the subscriber or the project owner on the payment processor website *

* Canceling on the payment processor website (PayPal, Skrill, or Stripe), will cause the immediate removal of the subscriber from your subscription plan.

How Subscribers Can Cancel Their Recurring Subscriptions

If a subscriber decides to cancel their subscription plan for accessing your resources, these are the necessary steps they should follow:

  1. Press the Status button, or send the /status command, to your subscription bot

  2. Select “Cancel Subscription” on the presented menu

  3. Confirm the cancelation to complete the process

You could add a note to your project's description explaining how your customers can cancel their plans.

How Project Owners Can Cancel Customers' PayPal Subscriptions

If your customers use PayPal, you can cancel their subscriptions by following these steps:

  1. Go to your project menu in the @InviteMemberBot.

  2. Select "Payment options".

  3. Select "PayPal Live".

  4. Select "Cancel subscription".

  5. Follow the instructions prompted by the bot to confirm the cancelation.

You'll need the subscription ID for this, you can get it by searching for your customer in your project Web dashboard > Sales > Subscriptions page.

How Project Owners and Subscribers Can Cancel Subscriptions Made through Other Payment Options

If you want to cancel a recurring subscription made through Stripe or Skrill, you'll have to access your subscriptions' dashboard in the Skrill or Stripe dashboard and cancel their recurring payments manually from there.

This could be necessary in situations when:

  • The payment integration has been disconnected before properly canceling a subscription.

  • You wish to process a refund (only available through the payment processor website).

  • You want to stop recurring payments, immediately.

Keep in mind that canceling a subscription on the payment processor's website will cause the immediate removal of that subscriber from your subscription plan. In such cases, if the user needs to be added again until their due date, you can use the /whitelist command in your subscription bot, and un-whitelist them once their period is over.

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