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How to manage your InviteMember subscription

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If you ever want to cancel your plan, edit your payment method, edit your billing information, or get your invoices—you can do that by accessing your Customer Portal through the @InviteMemberBot.

To access your Customer Portal, just follow these steps:

  1. Send the /subscription command to the @InviteMemberBot in Telegram.

  2. Click or tap the Update Billing Info button.

  3. Click or tap the Customer Portal button.


  1. Send /invoices to the @InviteMemberBot.

  2. Hit the Customer Portal button.

In your Customer Portal, you'll be able to:

  • Cancel your current plan

  • Add alternative payment methods

  • Update your billing information (address and tax ID)

  • Get all your invoices

If you are just looking for your invoices, you can get the last five by sending the /invoices command to the @InviteMemberBot.

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