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How to Translate a Membership Bot
How to Translate a Membership Bot

Select a language for your membership bot

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There are more than 20 languages you can choose from for your membership bot.

After creating your project you can select a language for your membership bot to use, which works as the subscription interface for your clients.

All the bot's predefined texts (basic instructions like "Cancel subscription", texts in buttons like "Plans" or "Status", or time periods like "day" or "month") will be translated and your custom texts (like the project or plan description, or your project or subscription plan names) will remain untouched.

To change your bot language you just have to:

  1. Open your project menu in the @InviteMemberBot

  2. Select Telegram bot

  3. Hit the Change language button

Done! Now each time a user interacts with your bot, texts will be shown in the selected language.

Can't find your language? Contact our Support Team and let us know about it.

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