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Built-in Affiliate Program
Built-in Affiliate Program

Start an affiliate program in your bot and grow your membership business exponentially

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You can add an affiliate program to your membership bot in just a few clicks.

What is an "affiliate program"?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance marketing in which a business is promoted by "affiliates". Affiliates bring new users (with their own marketing efforts) and get rewarded for their payments.

For a more detailed general introduction, you can check out this Wikipedia article: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Program is an agreement between you and your affiliates and it defines their reward (usually a percentage of the sales they brought), the frequency of payouts, payout methods, etc.

Built-in Affiliate Program Features

  • single-level affiliate program;

  • percentage-based commissions;

  • minimum payout limit;

  • commission due period;

  • works with both one-time and recurring payments;

  • supports multiple currencies;

  • mass payouts in fiat currencies via PayPal Payouts;

  • mass payouts in Bitcoin via CoinPayments Mass Withdrawal;

  • detailed CSV reports for you and your affiliates.

Are you missing something important? Please let us know: @InviteMemberSupportBot.

How to Start an Affiliate Program

In your project menu, click Affiliate Program and then Enable.

You'll need to set a few parameters to get started:

  1. Commission rate. It defines your affiliate's part in the total payment amount. For example, if your commission rate is 20% and a referred customer paid $50, your affiliate will earn $10.

  2. Commission due period. To allow some time for refunds, you can set a commission due period (in days). During this period, commissions stay on hold and can't be paid out.

  3. Minimum payout amount. Commissions will remain on hold until the total amount (for that particular affiliate) will reach the threshold. Less frequent payouts — simplified workflow.

  4. Payout methods. You can enable PayPal/CoinPayments (or both).

  5. [Optional] Affiliate Program Description. This text will be displayed in your membership bot. You can use formatted text (with bold, italics, links, etc).

How to Run an Affiliate Program


We highly recommend at least these two steps:

  1. Put a short description of your affiliate program in your InviteMember project description. It will appear on your bot launch. Don't forget to include /affiliate command, it will become a link automatically.

  2. Make a bot broadcast to all your bot users and announce your affiliate program. Again, include /affiliate command and it will become clickable.

Affiliates onboarding

  1. To become your affiliate partners, your users should send (or click) /affiliate to your membership bot and click Join.

  2. The bot will provide them with unique affiliate links to your bot.

  3. It will also ask them to enter their PayPal/Bitcoin address (depending on what you have enabled).


Your affiliates can send /aff_stats to your membership bot and check their earnings at any time.


  1. Every month (a week or a few days), you should go to Affiliate Program > Payouts and create a new Payout.

  2. The bot will provide you with CSV files with transactions for PayPal/CoinPayments.

  3. Just upload these CSV files to PayPal and CoinPayments and they will execute them.

The bot tracks commission due periods and minimum payout amounts by itself — so you don't have to worry about it.

NB! For Bitcoin payouts, CoinPayments currently only accepts addresses in the Legacy/P2PKH format (addresses starting with '1'). Addresses in the SegWit/P2SH format (addresses starting with '3') or Native SegWit/bech32 format (addresses starting with 'bc1') will not be considered valid by CoinPayments.

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