How to connect Skrill

How to accept payments with Skrill in your membership bot

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Skrill is a global payment provider available for businesses in 120 countries, It supports 40 currencies.

With Skrill and InviteMember, you can accept payments with:

  • Wallets like Skrill/NETELLER;

  • Credit and Debit cards;

  • 100+ local payment methods (Alipay in China, Boleto in Brazil, Giropay in Germany, Paysafecard, etc.);

  • 170+ direct bank transfer connections.

Recurring and non-recurring

Both recurring and non-recurring payments are supported.

Please note, however, that recurring payments via Skrill can work only with Credit/Debit Cards or Direct Debit. To make other payment methods available, you should use non-recurring subscription plans.

Test and Live Mode

You can connect Skrill in Test or Live mode. 

In Test mode, only test payments can be accepted (try Visa 4000 0012 3456 7890 or MasterCard 5438 3112 3456 7890 with any expiration date and CVV). 

Skrill Test Mode uses our own test merchant account, you don't need your own. Just click Connect under Skrill Test in the menu and you're all set. 

To accept real payments, please use Live mode.

The steps described below are for Skrill Live only.

1. Open a merchant account

In order to use Skrill integration, you need to register a Merchant Account with Skrill. You can create your Skrill Merchant Account here.

2. Connect your merchant account to the @InviteMemberBot

Open @InviteMemberBot in Telegram, send /myprojects, and select your project. Then click Payment options and select Skrill Live. Click Connect:

The bot will guide you through the process:

Please note the Secret Word and MQI Password — by default, both of them are equal to "skrill1!" but you should pick something more secure (for example, 20+ symbols with digits and special chars). Don't use your Skrill account password here!

MQI Password and IP settings:

Secret Word settings:


Your membership bot should now show the Skrill payment button. Just send /start or click Plans to reload.

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