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Built-In Support (via SUCH)
Built-In Support (via SUCH)

Support your users in Telegram using your membership bot

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Telegram's number one feedback and support bot service, SUCH – is free for all InviteMember users!

When a message that is not recognized as a command is sent to your membership bot, it will be treated as a support request and will be forwarded to you.

You can reply to these messages in two ways:

  1. Click Reply in Telegram and type your answer in the input field.

  2. Click Open Chat (a button below the notification) to launch the SUCH web app and type your answer there.

In both cases, your answer will be sent to the user from your membership bot, just like it's your bot is chatting with him. Your personal account remains hidden.

Support teams

If your membership business is growing — probably, it's time to hire some agents to reduce your load a little bit.

Here's how to set up a support team workflow with InviteMember:

  1. Create a private Telegram group for you and your support agents. 

  2. Add your membership bot to the group.

  3. Add your team to the group.

  4. Launch the SUCH web app and click View Team in the bot settings.

  5. Make your team member "agents" (so they can reply too).

Messages will be forwarded to the connected group instead of your personal account. You and other agents can reply to these messages.

NB! In order to reply to the messages in the Telegram group chat, instead of going to the web app, make sure your “Remain anonymous” setting is OFF.

Groups with Topics

You can connect a group with topics to your SUCH powered bot and provide support as a team. The bot will forward users’ messages to the General topic.

What message types are supported?

All major types:

  • text (formatting and inline links are ignored);

  • audio;

  • video;

  • photo;

  • document;

  • video note;

  • location;

  • sticker;

  • contact.

SUCH web app can display all these message types correctly too.

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