Sometimes, your users will send their questions directly to your membership bot. You don't want to miss them.

InviteMember allows you chatting with your users in two ways:

  1. Built-in Support (simple forwarding)

  2. Seamless SuchChat Integration (pro-level, for max. productivity)

No need for an extra "support" contact in both cases, the whole communication goes through your existing membership bot.

How to get started

Built-in Support is enabled by default. Please refer to the rest of the page to learn how to reply your messages and how to add your support agents to help you.

SuchChat Integration is optional. Just launch @SuchChatBot in Telegram and send your membership bot token to it (the same bot token you sent to @InviteMemberBot in the past).

How it works

  1. Text and other messages from your users that were not recognized as bot commands will be forwarded to you (recognized commands are "Plans", "/plans", "Status", "/status", etc).

  2. You can reply to these forwarded messages using the Reply button in your Telegram app. With SuchChat, you can also hit Open Chat button and it will launch SuchChat web app.

  3. Your answers will be sent from the bot to the original senders keeping your personal account hidden.

How it looks for your users:

How it looks for you (Built-In Support):

How it looks for you (SuchChat Integration):

Support teams

If your membership business is growing — probably, it's time to hire some agents to reduce your load a little bit.

Here's how to set up a support team workflow with InviteMember:

  1. Create a private Telegram group where you and your support agents will reside. 

  2. If you're using Built-In Support, connect this group in your Telegram bot settings (Telegram bot > Add support agents group). If you're using SuchChat, just add your membership bot to the support agents group and it will connect automatically.

  3. Messages will be forwarded to the connected group instead of your personal account. 

  4. Anyone in the group can reply to these messages with the Reply button. 

  5. Answers will be sent to the original senders while still hiding your and your agent's personal accounts.

What message types are supported?

All major types:

  • text (formatting and inline links are ignored);

  • audio;

  • video;

  • photo;

  • document;

  • video note;

  • location;

  • sticker;

  • contact.

SuchChat web app can display all these message types correctly too.

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