CoinPayments is a global cryptocurrency payment gateway available in more than 180 countries.

With CoinPayments and InviteMember, you can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more than 2290 other cryptocurrencies/altcoins.

Register A CoinPayments Account

Please open a CoinPayments account first:

Generate API Keys

Open API Keys page in CoinPayments Dashboard and click Generate new key:

Set API Keys Permissions

Click Edit Permissions for the new key and set the following checkboxes only:

  • create_transaction (to create a new incoming address to accept a payment)

  • rates (to get the list of available coins)

Add the API Keys to your InviteMember Project

Now you should add these keys to your InviteMember project. 

Open @InviteMemberBot, go to your project menu, click Payment options, then CoinPayments, and finally Connect CoinPayments.

Copy and paste Public and Private Keys together as shown below:

When your keys are received by the bot, please make sure to delete the message with them! Otherwise they will stay in your chat history and someone who has access to your Telegram account can find them.

Set IPN secret

In order to accept payments with CoinPayments, you must set your IPN Secret. IPN Secret is required to receive notifications about your CoinPayments transaction status updates.

To set your IPN Secret, open the Account Settings page in CoinPayments Dashboard, go to the Merchant Settings tab, and enter a good random string nobody can guess:

Then return to @InviteMemberBot and enter the same string:

Again, don't forget to delete your IPN secret from the chat history when you finish connection.

Choose Which Coins To Accept

On Coin Settings page in CoinPayments Dashboard, you can select which coins you'd like to accept.

If you made any changes, please hit Refresh in @InviteMemberBot to reload the list:

Test Your Integration

Your membership bot should now accept cryptocurrencies/altcoins!

Here is how it looks from the customer's side in InviteMember Live Demo:

Secure Your CoinPayments Account

To keep your coins safe, we highly recommend using a hardware wallet like TREZOR or Ledger.

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