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How to accept payments with PayPal in your membership bot

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With a PayPal Business account, you can accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

To connect your PayPal account to your InviteMember project, keep reading, or check out this video tutorial:

Create a PayPal Business account

To get started, open PayPal Sign Up, select your country in the bottom right corner and choose account type Business.

Create a REST API app

Open the My Apps & Credentials page in PayPal Developer Dashboard and scroll to REST API apps

Click Create App to create a new app for your InviteMember project:

Enter your project name and click Create App again:

Your app is now created, and you can get your API credentials — Client ID and Secret. There are two pairs of them — Sandbox and Live. Use Sandbox credentials for PayPal Test and Live for PayPal Live.

Connect your app to InviteMember

The last step is to add these credentials to your InviteMember project. Open @InviteMemberBot in Telegram, and navigate to your project Payment options

Click PayPal Test (for testing) or PayPal Live (for real payments). The bot will ask you to enter your Client ID and Secret

Please verify that you're using Sandbox credentials for PayPal Test and Live credentials for PayPal Live:

Done! You can now accept payments with PayPal.

Make a test payment

To test your Live integration, you can use your PayPal Personal account.

To test your Sandbox integration, you'll need to create a test buyer account. Open Sandbox Accounts in PayPal Developer Dashboard and find the buyer's account in the list (if there is no such account, use Create Account button). The buyer's account must have be PERSONAL:

Click View/edit account and view the password. Now you can use this sandbox account (email + password) to test your membership bot:

The bot will send you a link to complete your order. A payment confirmation will look like this:

Disconnect PayPal

Disconnecting PayPal is straightforward, just access your PayPal Live menu in the @InviteMemberBot and hit the Disconnect button.

NB! Subscriptions that haven't been canceled by the @InviteMemberBot before you disconnect your PayPal account, will remain active indefinitely. To avoid this, you should make sure your PayPal subscriptions have been canceled properly before disconnecting.

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