How To Set a Free Trial

With or without credit card upfront

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InviteMember supports two types of free trials:

  • with credit/debit card upfront;

  • without credit/debit card upfront.

Setting a trial period

To set a trial period, open your plan settings and click Edit trial period:

With a credit/debit card upfront

By default, a trial period can only start with a credit/debit card upfront.

Please note that it will only work if two conditions are met:

  • the plan is recurring ("Recurring: ON" in plan settings);

  • the payment provider supports recurring subscriptions (Stripe/PayPal/Skrill/etc).

Otherwise, a free trial won't be offered.

For other payment methods (like CoinPayments, for example), please use the second mode described below.

Without a credit/debit card upfront

To make the free trial available without a credit card upfront, click Trial without card: OFF to set it to ON:

That's it!

Here is what your membership bot payment options look like now:

Note the Free Trial: 14 days button. When a user clicks it, the bot asks for a confirmation (trial periods can only be used once):

The trial is started after a confirmation:

When the trial period is over, the user will have to start a real plan. Otherwise, he will be kicked from the plan resources.

Remove trial period

To remove the trial period from a plan, click Edit trial period and type 0.

Grace period

If you've enabled a grace period for your payment options, it will also apply to free trials if a payment fails. This means that even after the free trial ends, users will still have access for a certain period of time.

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