How To Connect Stripe

How to connect Stripe to your membership bot

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Stripe is a payments company that allows companies and individuals to receive online payments. Stripe is available for businesses in 40+ countries.

You can check out our video tutorial for connecting Stripe to your InviteMember project, or you can scroll down and read the guide.

You can connect Stripe in Test or Live mode. With Stripe Test, you can only accept test payments. Don't forget to disconnect your Test mode connection when you're ready to start receiving payments!

Click Payment options and then Stripe Test (or Stripe Live, if applicable). The @InviteMemberBot will send you a link which you should open in your browser:

It will open a webpage on the Stripe website:

If you are adding Stripe in Test mode, you can skip the form and click Skip this account form.

You should see a confirmation now:

As soon as we get your account info, the InviteMember bot will send you a confirmation as well:

Done! Now you can accept test payments without a real credit/debit card, or live transaction if you follow the same process for Stripe Live.

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